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Dr Lan was a nurse in his early career and then he switched to the chiropractor profession (his style for chiropractic is gonstead chiropractor) for over 30 years he has been working in the health care profession (nursing+chiropractor). He originally was a nurse but his desire to help people find the true cause of their problems through a natural means led him to become a Chiropractor.

As a Gonstead chiropractor, he resides and practices in Australia, where he has gained recognition as one of the most knowledgeable and respected individuals in the chiropractic community. he is the most viewed chiropractor per views on social media.-his most viewed video on YouTube is -Ian is passionate about helping people through Gonstead Chiropractic.

Dr. Lan white shirt and jeans standing in front of a staircase.
Dr. Lan white shirt and jeans standing in front of a staircase.

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+61 3 9587 1500

above is there phone

you can click on the social media icons, to get on there social media page

controversies on Lan?

There is breaking news on Australian national news or issues that causes Dr Lan to forcibly quit YouTube and post there to work on social media platforms which are these videos, following -

In this video Dr. Lan adjust 4-days old child, which cause a loud pop noise that for non professional it sound like dangerous but the case study is this -

child parents says that child is crying way more that normal child , (it is unknow how to get to dr.lan or to an chiropractor ,

Dr.Lan analysis say child has a tiny of displaced spine which is causing the nerve pain and irritation .

Result- as the treatment is done it shows great result child stop showing symptoms of excess of crying .

but, parents and Lan claims that it solved the problem.

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